Chinese Politics Virtual Happy Hour: A Conversation with Prof. Jeremy Lee Wallace

Date & Time:

Wednesday, November 2, 2022
5:00 PM


6:30 PM

About this event:

Join us for a virtual chat with Prof. Jeremy Lee Wallace, from Cornell University. We will discuss his research on Chinese and authoritarian politics, authoritarian regime rulerships, and continued work on environmental, political, economic, and social issues connected to urbanization.

No registration is required. Join via Zoom.


Prof. Jeremy Lee Wallace

Associate Professor, Cornell University

Prof. Jeremy Lee Wallace is an associate professor at Cornell University’s Department of Government. His first publication, Cities and Stability: Urbanization, Redistribution, and Regime Survival in China (Oxford University Press, 2014), centered on how China has maintained order while managing the growth of cities. His current book project, Seeking Truth and Hiding Facts: Information, Ideology, and Authoritarian Rule in China, examines the inner workings of Chinese politics and the numbers involved in success and failure. He has continued research in environmental, political, economic, and social issues related to urbanization. In addition to his first book, Prof. Wallace has published numerous articles and chapters in Urban Geography, British Journal of Political Science, China Quarterly, Emerging Trends in the Social Behavioral Sciences, Land Use Policy, and The Journal of Politics.