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1. SAIS China Review

The China Studies Review (CSR) is a publication of the China Studies Program at the Johns Hopkins University Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). CSR publishes interdisciplinary work by graduate students conducting research on China, including history, political science, economics, policy, and area studies projects. Beginning as a collection of working papers by a group of students in SAIS China Studies, CSR has evolved to become a unique, interdisciplinary compendium of original graduate-level research on China.

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SAIS Doctoral Candidates

SAIS PhDs have gone on to outstanding careers in higher education, public service, and the private sector. Brief sketches of our placement candidates are available below, including their contact information. In addition, some students maintain their own page with more detailed information regarding their preparation and strengths and where available, we provide links to them.

Work Study Opportunities at the SCRC

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